“For the love of the horse” epitomises who we are
– we are people who love horses and want the absolute best for them.


Our horses are part of our family so everything we promote is being done with the upmost thought for horse wellbeing and comfort. 

Our journey started like many of yours, with a horse mad girl wanting a pony. Riding lessons at the local riding school became borrowing and begging for rides on anyone’s pony, and finally after ten years of nagging a first pony was bought. From then we’ve been through Pony Club to elite level competition, and breeding our own quality sport horses.


Our transport journey has ranged from physically riding to Pony Club through public parks and over main roads, to purchasing our first tow vehicle, to buying an old tank of a horse float, to finally “upgrading” to an old truck. We’ve hired straight load and angle load floats, obtained lifts on some very expensive trucks, and utilised professional horse transport services – when it comes to transporting horses we’ve done it all.

With our experience, it was when we went to purchase our “forever” transport solution that we realised what we wanted wasn’t easily available here. We couldn’t justify the initial purchase price of a truck let alone the maintenance and insurance costs, but we wanted more than a float.

Our solution was found in Australia, at Roswal Industries.

Roswal have more than twenty years of impeccable history with a product of outstanding quality. We’ve combined our knowledge as end users, with the expertise of an engineer, and we think we’ve come up with a great transport option.



We are privileged to be the Australasian distributors for Stable & Barn’s award winning tack trolley. This tack trolley’s versatility and quality will make it a necessity in your life. In 2017 it was awarded a BETA Innovation Award (British Equestrian Trade Association), and is used by British Olympic riders.

When we saw this product we realised how fantastic it would be for our Australasian environment, where we often have to transport saddles and equipment to our horse at competitions, training, and at home.