Stable & Barn - UK Tack Trolleys

Stable & Barn’s Tack Trolley is a British made, Durable product for competing, yard and at home. It works across rough terrain thanks to its pneumatic wheels and large tyres. Brakes on the front castors allow for safe transportation in both floats and trucks. Its unique modular design and seven position system for the trays and racks, enable versatility and customisation to suit every task at hand. 

With this tack trolley you will have everything you need for transporting your equipment at competitions, training, and at home. You will never have to put your expensive saddle over a fencepost or on the ground ever again. It completely eliminates the requirement of a wheelbarrow at events where you need to transport equipment, feed, water, etc to your horse.

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Tack Trolley

Providing the ultimate in equestrian utility


Large Grooming Box

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Small Grooming Box


GP / Jumping Saddle Rack


Dressage / wide saddle rack